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CRM Services

  • Tired of not knowing how your leads and sales are growing?
  • Need to know how your sales efforts are performing?
  • Your CRM / Contact Management System should market for you, is yours?

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Business Growth Initiatives

  • Developing KPI's provide meaning & guidance
  • Are lead generation actions producing?
  • Do you have the correct processes and people?

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e-Commerce and Integration

  • Is sales management connected to marketing tools?
  • e-Commerce tuned and producing revenue?
  • Need your web site forms to connect to your CRM?
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Websites & Marketing Tools

  • Website hosting and creation....
  • Email services
  • eCommerce tools and software
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CRM – Why do You Need it in Your Business?

We have prospects ask frequently: Why do I need a CRM in my business?  I am doing ok without anything like a CRM. The reality is these prospects may believe they are doing ok but really, they do not really know that, they just feel like that is … [Read More...]

Quote & Proposal Generation

  • Is preparing sales proposals slowing your business?
  • Not proud of the proposals you present?
  • Need quotes and estimates to link to QuickBooks?

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