CRM – Why do You Need it in Your Business?

We have prospects ask frequently: Why do I need a CRM in my business?  I am doing ok without anything like a CRM.

The reality is these prospects may believe they are doing ok but really, they do not really know that, they just feel like that is true.  There are a number of benefits that companies with CRM systems experience.  The benefits are not necessarily those that business leaders keep at the top of mind, although they really should.

Consistent Communications and Messaging

A key benefit of a well implemented CRM is the ability to extend “Consistent Communication”.  A well designed system will allow your marketing efforts to be organized and consistent.  From a regularly executed distribution of messages to detailed and directed messaging.  By having prospect and customer characteristics in your CRM, you will be able to identify the right message to deliver to the right client at the right time.  By having this specific and targeted messaging ability, you will be communicating distinctly and directly.

Instant Access to Customer Data

When your team can access customer data with a couple of clicks and answer that customers questions personally, your business image sky rockets.  Remember, people purchase from people that they know, trust and like!  A persons connection is affected by your ability to know them and know their products.  When your team can identify Mr. Smith correctly and prove that by asking about a family member or product they own or are responsible for, Mr.Smith feels closer and trusts that you know and care.  There are a number of CRM Systems available, some that allow your team to easily show this knowledge and others that make them work hard for it.  Let us show you how to provide instant access to your client data.

CRM Allows you to Stay In Touch

Keeping in touch with your customers, not just key clients, but most clients is very valuable in being “top of mind” when their purchase decisions come to life.  A CRM system that makes it easy to stay in touch is an absolute necessity in the fast paced world of business to business and even more critical in business to consumer. You should be able to group prospects and clients as needed in order to stay in touch.  You and your team members should be able to gather names of people that are interested in a particular sport or car or whatever else you find interesting.  The system should allow you within a couple of minutes to “stay in touch” in an informal or formal manner.

This “stay in touch” is not just the usual marketing campaigns but those true and personal connects that one needs to ensure clients know that you are there for them.


The more you communicate properly and meaningfully; the easier it is for your and your team to access customer intelligence; and when you can stay in touch easily — the faster you will reach your business quality and growth goals.


Let TeamAutomation show you how it’s done.

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