Custom Software Integration

Need your CRM or sales system to connect to marketing tools?

So you have a CRM software and it seems to work well!  But, you struggle to get your marketing efforts and results to populate the sales system for the sales people.  The answer might be to connect them.  Your next thought is “… yes, but they aren’t built to connect….”.  WE CAN HELP.

Many of the CRM and Business Management software packages that we provide connect directly to marketing tools such as Constant Contact and others. If you have your own software already that doesn’t connect, WE CAN HELP there as well.

We have over 25+ years of experience with software & database systems.  We understand how they tick.  By working with our professionals, you will reap the benefits in time-recovery and maintaining accuracy of your information from system to system.  That time and accuracy results in more profitability and the time to bring more sales to your organization.

Integrating your software means no more duplicated effort.

Need sales management systems to connect to quoting tools?

Building great sales proposals and quotes in Word?  Are they easy to find?  Can a new sales representative find the last 25 quotes that his/her predecessor created?

Having a quote software that links into your sales management system and to your accounting system is critical to smooth operations and eased business growth. Imagine being on the phone with your new hot prospect and they ask for a quote.  Click a couple of buttons and email that quote…. while you are still on the call.  Will that close more business?  Let us show you how.

Need your website forms to connect to your CRM?

Most customers have websites today.  If not, it is likely they are struggling.  Those with sites are many times paying for sites that produce no INPUT to them.  They’re like vanity sites for the company.   A good business website should exist to bring information TO YOU, as well as for the benefit of your prospects.  Your site should generate leads without those prospects having to work to connect with you; they usually won’t.

With a few low cost changes to your website and with the implementation of a quality contact management system, your website can provide leads to you.

A few of our CRM and Business management packages have the built-in tools to import or receive the results of those forms and generate actionable leads for you.  Some can actually perform those first few actions and remind you to process further.