Marketing Action Program (MAP)

Marketing’s responsibility is to drive demand and build relationships.

Is your marketing building those demands and relationships that lead to sales?


Marketing processes are often challenging and frustrating. While many blame a lack of creativity, usually the reasons for that frustration are poor planning, outdated technology, weak content, and unclear processes.

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   Unorganized planning leads to confusion.
   Old tools are just not correct for the job.

Sometimes, you just don’t have the committed resources in place to execute reliably.

In any case, we have the solution.

I’d like to share with you an opportunity to experience our Marketing Action Program, MAP for short.  The key of the MAP is development of the full picture of your plan.  We will guide that from what channels to communicate with to how, when and with what.   We’ll address email, print advertising, social media and pretty much most channels and methods.  We’ll work with you to determine responsibilities, and ensure that those processes and responsibilities are fulfilled.  If you do not fulfill the steps, you will not experience the positive results PERIOD!

We invite you to experience a fresh look marketing with success.
MAP, a system that our clients just find WORKS!

We help businesses grow their inbound sales by providing a “Rolled-in-One” solution we call MAP that works without fail.

  • Begin with a plan
  • Map the steps
  • Add content
  • Coordinate scheduling
  • Execute tests
  • Measure and adjust
  • Execute
  • Measure and adjust


We’ll provide the recipe and tools, you provide the ideas and content.

For more information right now, contact us at 805/522-3875 x104 or CLICK HERE to schedule a conversation with a representative.

Or, if you wish, join us for an online webinar.

We’re happy to discuss your current methods and how the MAP strategies can help you achieve with your marketing and yield success in the form of increase inbound sales and relationship building for future sales.

YOU CAN… (or we will) avoid the challenges and struggles.