CRM Data Analysis

CRM systems built to meet your needsd

CRM Systems Built to Meet Your Needs

CRM data analysis has different meaning to different people and organizations.  At TeamAutomation data analysis means – Provide Value to the Organization – for all the time they’ve spent entering information.  Our programs assist in developing a clear understanding of what is currently possible using your CRM and moving today’s capabilities to new power in the future.

We assist with these and more:

  • Develop an understanding of what is possible using data to drive business results

  • Creation of Marketing plans with data

    • Spreadsheet style plan including
      • Goals of each channel and method
      • Define the data set / target audience
      • Define channel of distribution of the assets
      • Define the assets (assets are the marketing content, emails, social streams, mailers and so on)
  • Use existing tools to integrate external data sources with your data

    • for example, relate your accounting data to your CRM data to allow purchase history
    • gather external statistical information and interpolate with your CRM data
  • Setup and Integrate other tools where necessary

We believe that our job is to work with you to create a successful marketing plan, develop the materials needed and execute the plan for business success.  Where needed we can perform all the steps or work with your team to see the project to success.

After the marketing efforts are underway, we assist you in knowing the trends indicated by your CRM data. Knowing trends give you the business intelligence needed to spot and prepare for future trends. We’ll work with you to assess your needs and develop customized database analysis solutions that will help you increase productivity and profits. 

Our services include:

  • Database content and design review
  • Automated reporting and metrics alerts
  • Trend analysis for the business management team
  • Marketing data preparation

TeamAutomation will install, setup, train, and support your CRM systems and marketing tools.

TeamAutomation will help you:

  • Increase your profits
  • Reduce your marketing costs
  • Grow your business
  • Provide you with a wealth of information so you make better business decisions
  • Maximize your efficiency
  • Integrate software
  • Ensure that analytics happen regularly, not just when someone remembers

We’ll help you find the actual leads and data sources that is the right fit for your business and your budget.

Take a look at our most popular CRM Data and Marketing Program.


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