Customer Relationship Management – CRM

In today’s businesses, one needs to be able to provide quick, reliable and accurate information to customers.  You need to know about your client in more than the old name, address, phone number manner of yester-year.  TeamAutomation has over 25 years of experience assisting clients with SFA (Sales Force Automation), CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software and tools.  We’ll work with you to assess your needs and recommend or develop customized solutions that will help you work smarter and increase productivity and profits.

By gathering, retaining and analyzing customer information using the CRM systems provided by TeamAutomation, you will enjoy the freedom and pleasure of knowing and growing with your customers.

Our clients ask, “Why do you have so many CRM’s on your website?”  

We believe that there is NO ONE CRM that fits all businesses.  Sure, we could be slick sales people and convince you of a product that almost does what you need, but we prefer to lead you in the proper direction to the proper product to give you the most success possible.  Sometimes this means SaaS (Software as a Service / Cloud ) products and other times it means an on-premise (on your machine or server) product.  Some clients need mobile, and other could care less.  We take the time to listen to your needs and help you select the product or products that will meet your needs best at a cost you will be happy with.

Our most popular CRM Software products:

  • Contactually – A full featured cloud based CRM system, it works anywhere you work. – (VAR) 
  • RedHorseCRM – Service Management, Accounting Link, Telephony – (VAR)
  • Nimble – The Social CRM (SCRM) – by a founder of GoldMine – Value Added Partner (VAR)
  • LeadMaster – Lead Management Software for Sales & Opportunity Tracking –  (VAR)
  • SugarCRM CE – Complete CRM Application – (VAR)
  • Results CRM – When you just want Results! – (VAR)
  • Zoho CRM – CRM in the Cloud, connect to Outlook, Google Apps and QuickBooks – (VAR)
  • GoldMine CRM – The Original CRM of Small-Medium Businesses – Service Provider
  • OntraPort (formerly Office Auto Pilot) – Plug in Your Business, for online automated sales – (VAR)
  • Pipeliner CRM – The tool for sales teams and sales development (VAR)

Our services include all the necessary steps to enable excellence in your team:

  • Analysis of your business needs including software selection
  • Current database and CRM usage
  • Re-Engineering of “islands of information” to one common silo
  • Email broadcast and communication techniques and tools
  • Development of concise training to ensure data integrity
  • Management and C-Team consultation to define CRM information needs

We install, set up, train, and support your CRM team & systems.

TeamAutomation is a professional consultancy and solutions provider organization.  Our success begins with your success. We’ll help you find a CRM system that is the right fit for your business and your budget.

Get started now by contacting us today for your FREE consultation, or call 805-522-3875 to speak with a Professional in CRM systems.

As Value added partners (VAR), we provide full services and product licensing, maintenance and consulting services. Those shown as Service Provider indicates that our team provides training and services and in all cases have been certified by the developer/manufacturer. In all Service Provider categories, we were previously VAR’s and now have chosen to provide support and consultation services only – we do not provide additional licenses of such products, but can coordinate the purchase from an authorized license reseller.