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Email to Fax Fax2Mail

When you need to send a communication via facsimile, you don’t want to have to print the document and walk to a fax machine.  After all, you are in front of a machine.  With Fax2Mail (F2M) you can send a fax if you can send an email.  Yes, just use the address as  Your fax will be delivered to that fax machine as it was 20 years ago.

With Fax2Mail, you can include attachments to your email, embed images in your email, all the typical things you do with email.  The service understands and translates most document types into physical faxable images, all without your assistance.

You can receive confirmation of delivery.  You can resend as needed, even from a remote location or cellular smart phone.  From the web-based Fax2Mail control central, you can review all transmissions, re-send, re-queue and update the way your account works.

The Fax2Mail services include:

  • Single fax distribution
  • Multiple fax distribution
  • Logging of all communications
  • 30 day backup of faxed images
  • Mobile access and ability to fax from PDA and Smartphones

TeamAutomation will assist in the account setup if necessary, provide training for users and assist with marketing campaigns utilizing the Fax2Mail system. software.

By using the Fax2Mail family of products and services, you will:

  • Increase your profits by making communications easier
  • Grow your business by closing more sales
  • Maximize your efficiency and lower costs by minimizing the printing, paper and hallway conversations

And, we’ll even help you find additional EasyLink services that allow your company to maximize efficiency while lowering costs.

If you are convinced that Fax2Mail is for you, then you can sign up for your Fax2Mail service now.  For Pricing information, click here.

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