HelpDesk – information & assistance for your Customers and Team

“If you don’t take care of your customers, someone else will!”

In successful businesses, they’re prepared to assist quickly and accurately while maintaining a low cost of such services. TeamAutomation can help achieve those goals with you. Helpdesk software and systems are available as high quality low-cost systems for small to medium sized organizations.  Our helpdesk systems can be used as standalone tools or integrate with your CRM and accounting systems.

Our Helpdesk products and services include:

  • Analysis of needs and Product selection
  • Installation, configuration and setup
  • Training and Support

Customer support helpdesk in the cloud!  Now you can provide 24×7 support for your customers.  Heck, your customers may even help themselves by visiting your included forums, knowledge base and FAQ’s.  You decide which articles are posted.  You decide which customers get access to the system.

Every help desk agent at every customer support team dreams about the day they have a Zero Inbox. But as businesses grow from just a handful of support queries to hundreds of customers choking the support hotline, it is easy to go on a hiring fling. The only problem is, hiring more support staff may not be the best way to scale up your customer support. Freshdesk allows you to scale your customer support without blindly scaling the team.

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Customer support helpdesk on-premise,  TeleSupport HelpDesk provides a complete software solution for your Customer Service and HelpDesk needs. TeleSupport HelpDesk integrates with your existing CRM software or runs Stand-Alone with a built-in contact database.

TeleSupport HelpDesk provides:

  • Call Tracking
  • Customer Service tools
  • Time & Materials tracking and billing
  • QuickBooks Billing links
  • Knowledge Base building and automation tools
  • Integrates with CRM systems or as a Stand-Alone system with a built-in contact database
  • Available in Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL versions

Providing Quality prompt customer service with our HelpDesk systems assist you to:

  • Increase your profits
  • Grow your business
  • Better manage your service reputation
  • Provide you with a wealth of information so you make better business decisions
  • Maximize your efficiency


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