Mobile and Remote Access Tools – Access Information from Anywhere

Mobile from iPad and iPhone

Access your CRM information from any mobile device using a WAP Browser

You work from home, hotel, or the road.  We all expect remote connectivity to our computers where ever we are, be that in a hotel, restaurant, coffee shop, library or in the park.  By providing remote connectivity to the office network and systems we can continue to produce high quality results.

Your team will enjoy ease and speed of working from anywhere, anytime, as they deem necessary.  Productivity in organizations is proven to be higher when team members have the ability to quickly access information and complete those small or large projects from anywhere.  You know that projects are simply a series of small steps.  By providing your team with easy to use remote access, your key projects will get completed quicker with more chance of success.

Remote access and connectivity means being able to produce and access information from your PDA, smart phone, laptop, home computer or from an airport kiosk.   At TeamAutomation we provide that access.




Remote Access by GoGlobal - Now for iPad

Our products offerings include:

  • RedHorse Mobile provides RedHorse users on-the-go with a way of accessing and updating real-time company information, such as accounts and contacts, calendar activities such as appointments, calls, tasks and other items from any web-enabled mobile device.
  • GO-Global is a fast, simple, and affordable application virtualization solution that provides instant, secure access to Windows, UNIX and Linux applications from any location, platform, and OS. There’s no need to rewrite applications for the Web or deploy a complex, expensive infrastructure.
  • Results Mobile provides users on-the-go with a way of accessing and updating real-time company information, such as contacts, service/work orders, activities appointments and tasks, from any web-enabled mobile device.

Our services include:

  • Product software and service selection
  • Network security considerations
  • Installation, setup and Training
  • User  Support

TeamAutomation will help you:

  • Determine who receives and how to provide remote accessibility
  • Integrate the remote access software into your CRM and network services
  • Train users to best utilize time for productivity
  • Maximize team efficiency away from the office

And, we’ll even help you find the service provider/carrier for internet and remote access that is the right fit for your business and your budget.

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