We provide CRM software for companies of all sizes.

Our Team focuses on building your sales and operations success.  We assist you in choosing the proper software and proper processes to ensure success and sales growth.

Our extended Team includes 7 team members throughout the world in order to get your projects finished promptly.

  • We provide service and support for:
    • CRM and ERP products – installation and training
    • Microsoft SQL & MySQL scripting and integration
    • Social Media programs – including development of sales programs connected to social media.
    • Website creation, hosting and maintenance – automated lead generation
    • Marketing & Campaign setup and execution

Our Founder

Randy Tucker,
Founder, CTO

Randy is a respected resource in the CRM industry.  Randy began his career as a development engineer in the NASA space program at JPL in Pasadena, CA.  Randy was a user/developer of the original Vulcan (later known as dBase) program.   As a database developer, Mr. Tucker has developed a number of applications from simple name/address programs to medical billing platforms.  Throughout his career, Randy has utilized and developed customer management and information systems with business leaders.

A skill required for success of any CRM or SCRM project requires not only attention to detail and technical knowledge but the ability to listen fully and communicate with clients in a manner in which the technical jargon is understood by leaders as well as users.

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