Quote & Proposal Generation

Is preparing quotes and sales proposals slowing your business?

Preparing estimates, quotes and sales proposals is the key in the sales process.  Your marketing team has generated leads, your sales team have invested time in qualifying those leads.  Finally, they have the opportunity to present a quote.  Can they do so in under 15 minutes?  They should be able to in most industries.

By using a quoting system such as QuoteWerks, a stand-alone software, or the built-in quoting tool inside RedHorse Business Manager, your sales people will be able to product high quality proposals within 15 minutes.  Properly installed and setup, these quote systems can make your sales people produce quotes that your prospects will enjoy accepting.

Not proud of the proposals you present?

Part of preparing a quote by any means is having that quote be accurate AND visually pleasing.  With QuoteWerks or RedHorse, your team can create visually pleasing presentations.  They can build templates so they are not starting over every time.

Presenting a quote that you feel proud to present is key. Use the proper tools to make your quotes something to smile about.

Many use Word and Excel to build quotes.  Using that cut-n-paste methodology increases the chances that errors will be made.  Don’t let that happen to you or your sales team.

Need quotes and estimates to link with QuickBooks?

So, your sales professionals have closed the deal!   As you know, that’s not the end of the job.  Those accepted proposals and quotes must now be put into operations. Putting into operations means ordering materials, picking from inventory, assembly and packaging, and finally shipping the order out.  If you are a business manager you know that process is time consuming and can be error prone.

Implementing a quoting system like QuoteWerks or the built-in quoting of a CRM system, can alleviate much of the manual labor, that cut-n-paste work, and most of the potential errors that can be costly to your bottom line and your reputation.

We implement quoting systems that connect directly to QuickBooks with no copy and paste manual work needed.


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